Love Versus - CD

Love Versus - CD


I would say that ‘Love Versus’ would be my closest to fully realized album to date. I feel like something has changed in my songwriting over the last couple of years and like a nice wine it seems to be getting better with age and time.

Recording the album was an amazing experience- we literally finished building the studio 3 days before we started tracking the album. Pete Thomas was the first person to play a note of music in there if you can believe it. I feel like Pete was the backbone of the recording process, he has so much energy and ran circles around all of us. Pete has played with everyone; his stories kept us entertained during dinners. Every morning he would show up with fresh pastries- what a guy. The band as a whole had a pretty special vibe going on during tracking. We weren’t afraid to go out on the edge a bit, and you can hear it in songs like “Little Brother” and “Run Rabbit Run”, which happen to be my favourite songs on the album.

There is a bit of a feeling of vindication for me in this record for some reason. I had just come out of a pretty low point in my career and I was pretty close to throwing in the towel. Making this album and working with this crew has re-energized me to make it happen.

Having Joel Plaskett singing on “Crooked Old World” is such a high point for me on this album. Joel was the soundtrack to my early 20’s and to have his voice and guitar on this song really just puts it all into perspective for me.

There is a lot of darkness and maybe a bit of cynicism on this album but I think there is more light and joy on it than anything I’ve done. I think that is a testament to where I am personally in my life right now as well.

I feel like I am still able to keep an edge to my music. All these albums later I feel more relevant than ever. I am super grateful for that.

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