Leeroy’s Studio, The Rebeltone Ranch is now open for Business! We have a ton of cool gear in a vibey and great sounding space. Located in Lethbridge Alberta, the Rebeltone Ranch gives artists a hassle free and fun recording experience in a laid back and comfortable environment.
To book studio time or have Leeroy produce your next project call 403-393-7977 or email

Producer Discography

Leeroy Stagger- Little Victories- Co Producer/Engineer with Kevin Kane

Matthew Robinson-Something That We Did- Producer/Engineer

Indio Saravanja- Little Child- Co Producer/Engineer/Mix

Vista Park-S/T- Producer-Engineer-Mix

John Wort Hannam- Northern Lights Summer Games Single-Producer-Engineer-Mix

Leeroy Stagger- Radiant Land- Co Producer-Engineer

John Antoniuk- Always With You- Producer-Engineer-Mix

John Wort Hannam- Brambles and Thorns-Producer-Engineer

The Wardens- S/T- P-E-M

Indio Saravanja- Travel On- Engineer

Maureen Chambers- Something about Flowers- P-E-M

Dave Mcann and The Firehearts-Circle of Light-P-E-M

The Wardens-Bear 66- P-E-M

Karen Romanchuk-Down the line- E-M

Jay Bowcott-Morning Sky Blues- P-E-M

Cori Brewster-TBA

John Wort Hannam- TBA

Ryland Moranz-TBA