Press Kit

“From start to finish, it feels like Stagger put every ounce of himself into each melodies and each couplet. It’s sad but it’s honest, which is something lacking from music and life these days.”
– Herohill (Little Victories)

“There has always been a swagger about Stagger, a slightly cocky self-confidence that’s actually quite endearing. His sound and vocals have a somewhat loose and ragged feel that brings Paul Westerberg to mind, and there’s an open and honest feel to his unaffected voice. This is arguably his best work yet.”
– Exclaim (Radiant Land)

“(Stagger)’s uncompromisingly honest, and all the more powerful for it, and twinned with the wonderfully evocative, haunting, and eclectic music within, Depression River is as mighty as the Mississippi.”
– AllMusic (Depression River)