June 4th, 2013

New Record “Truth Be Sold” is Out Today!

Im excited to say our new record is out today in Canada and the UK. Pick it up from your local record store, Itunes, or from leeroystagger.com

One Response to New Record “Truth Be Sold” is Out Today!

  1. Tom Mrnka says:

    Saw Leeroy live in Victoria in June , been to many shows over my 53 years but must say that this one left one of the biggest impressions on me , he never fails to impress with his beautifull lyrics and Melodies , it could be socialy motivated or a love song , either way it makes you stop and think ? and of course sing along , the richness of his soul oozes from every word and strum of his guitar . With his new cd he shows once again that if you have the heart and the support around you , which he does !!! you can accomplish anything , the whole cd ( Truth Be Sold ) is as witty as its title and I’ve been listening to it for a month straight . From the Rockers like Cities on Fire , Goodnight Berlin or a beautifull love song , my personal favorite BREAK MY HEART TONIGHT , (heard him sing this to his wife) , almost broke my heart !!!) I could go on forever but go out and get the cd for yourself , you will find out what i’m talking about soon enough !!! Rock On Leeroy !!! Keep feeding your soul and in turn you will do the same for your many fans . Spreading the love , your friend , fan & brother from another mother Tom .

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