Truth Be Sold
Staggers eighth studio album produced by Steve Berlin (Los Lobos). Truth Be Sold takes listeners on a journey to the edge of Stagger’s heavy-roots, rock ‘n’ roll mind. Features the beautifully scathing “Cities On Fire” which documented the Occupy Wall Street movement and Berlin’s keyboards and signature baritone sax sound to the Stones-ish rocker “Goodnight Berlin”.
Radiant Land
Stagger’s seventh full-length affair, Radiant Land (2012) through Gold Lake/Universal Music. Recorded at Nashville’s Club Roar studios during a three-day break in Stagger’s U.S. tour schedule. While the tone of the record is said to reflect the human condition, the title track paints a political picture, targeting his home province of Alberta’s push towards nuclear energy.
Little Victories
Staggers sixth album and the second to be released on his Rebeltone Records label. Produced by Stagger and Kevin Kane (Grapes of Wrath), the album features Leeroy’s band The Wildflowers: Kevin Kane (guitar), Tyson Maiko (bass) and Kyle Harmon (drums), as well as musical guests Bob Egan (Blue Rodeo), Romi Mayes, Geoff Hillhorst (Deep Dark Woods), Daniel Lapp and Christina Zaenker.
Solo Acoustic, Vol. 1
Leeroy’s first truly acoustic album, just him and his guitar with a harmoica around his neck. Songs are selections from his first 4 albums plus three 3 unreleased songs “Georges Blues” “Mister” and “Fall Apart”.
Everything Is Real
Everything Is Real is a beautiful documentation of the young troubadour finding his voice and putting himself back on track as one of the most promising new Canadian artists to join the ranks of Blue Rodeo and Kathleen Edwards. Features musical guests Bobby Furgo (Leonard Cohen), Tim Easton (New West Records), Evan Phillips (The Whipsaws), Steve Bays (Hot Hot Heat) and Neal Casal (Ryan Adams and the Cardinals).This is where Stagger finds his voice and really starts his career off.
“A blue-collar roadhouse sound that borrows as much from Farrar-Tweedy as Springsteen. Stagger’s grit and gloom are on par with the influences.” – Harp Magazine
One for the Ditch
Tim Easton, Leeroy Stagger and Evan Phillips’s debut album has been flying under the radar since its 2011 release. Individually, these three have been putting a stamp on the indie Americana scene with Easton being the most recognized as a recording artist on New West Records. ESP sets the tone on the first three tracks as Stagger kicks off the record with “Hell Of A Life” which captures the essence of every struggling musician while Phillips “Highway 395″ deals with the turmoil of a lengthy relationship and Easton simply talks about love on “In Love With You”. Individual personalities are set aside and as a group they cover all the bases, offering up the best of what they have musically and lyrically. With three part harmonies and inviting vocal styles, you won’t really care who’s on lead. This feeling really culminates at the midpoint with “Festival Song” – a great sing-a-long with great back and forth between all three artists. On Easton’s closing title track, “One For The Ditch”, his strumming puts you into the perfect trance. Hit repeat and let ESP roll again!
Live at the Red River Saloon
Double Live Album documenting the 2009 European tour.
Depression River
Stagger’s fourth release in as many years, Depression River highlights his ability to find drama in the banality of everyday life. From full-out broken beer bottle rock to the aching ballad of a broken-hearted dreamer, Stagger’s new album is a whiskey-soaked, full-bodied recording of a powerful singer-songwriter that is only just starting to come into his own.
Tales From the Back Porch (EP)
This limited edition EP stands as Stagger’s “basement tapes” recording – a purposefully rough-around-the-edges, whiskey-soaked, full-bodied sampling of a powerful singer-songwriter that is only just starting to come into his own. Featuring performances by Tolan McNeil (Neko Case), Diona Davies (Luther Wright) and Sarah Rhude (Po’girl).
Beautiful House
SFusing a deep-seeded punk fury with a gritty country influence and pop sweetness, this is a record about estrangement and absence, which speaks to anyone who has been touched where it hurts by American Music Club, Steve Earle or Gram Parsons.