Raised in Victoria, BC Leeroy Stagger worked in several local bands until gaining attention from acts such as Hot Hot Heat and Carolyn Mark. Stagger has garnered an international fan base through relentless touring both home and abroad. Stagger is already well on his way to joining the likes of John Hiatt, Ryan Adams and John Prine as an ambassador for North American roots rock ‘n’ roll.

"There has always been a swagger about Stagger, a slightly cocky self-confidence that’s actually quite endearing...and there’s an open and honest feel to his unaffected voice. This is arguably his best work yet."

− Exclaim (Radiant Land)

"From start to finish, it feels like Stagger put every ounce of himself into each melodies and each couplet. It’s sad but it’s honest, which is something lacking from music and life these days."

− Herohill (Little Victories)

"(Stagger)’s uncompromisingly honest, and all the more powerful for it, and twinned with the wonderfully evocative, haunting, and eclectic music within, Depression River is as mighty as the Mississippi."

− AllMusic (Depression River)

Discography: Six Tales of Danger (2002), Dear Love (2004), Beautiful House (2005),Tales From the Back Porch (2006), Depression River (2006), Everything Is Real (2009),Little Victories (2011), Radiant Land (2012), Truth be Sold (2013).

Touring history: Steve Earle, The Pixies, Los Lobos, Tegan and Sara, Evan Dando, Ron Sexsmith, Danny Michel, Joel Plaskett, Modest Mouse, George Thorogood to name a few.

TV: Greys Anatomy, Sons of Anarchy, Degrassi, Heartland.

Awards: Radiant Land WCMA “Roots Solo Recording of the Year” Nominee (2013), “Living In America” Calgary Folk Music Festival “Pros & Prose” Award Winner (2014).

Producer Discography: Leeroy Stagger – Little Victories (co-producer), Matthew Robinson – Something That We Did (producer, engineer), Indio Saravanja – Little Child (co-producer/engineer/mix), Vista Park – S/T (producer/engineer/mix), John Wort Hannam – Northern Lights Summer Games Single (producer/engineer/mix), Leeroy Stagger – Radiant Land (co-producer/engineer), John Antoniuk – Always With You (producer/engineer/mix), John Wort Hannam – Brambles and Thorns (co-producer/engineer), The Wardens – S/T (producer/engineer/mix),  Indio Saravanja – Travel On (engineer), Maureen Chambers – Something about Flowers (producer/engineer/mix), Dave McCann & The Firehearts – Circle of Light (producer/engineer/mix), The Warden – Bear 66 (producer/engineer/mix), Karen Romanchu – Down the line (engineer/mix), Jay Bowcott – Morning Sky Blues (producer/engineer/mix) & more.